Arch to Arc Challenge and why I’m doing it

This blog documents my training and fundraising events in the quest to become an Arch to Arc finisher! Here’s a bit more background info:

The challenge: An 87 mile run from London’s Marble Arch to the Dover coast, then a swim across the English Channel to the French coast, and finally a 181 mile bike from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The clock starts at Marble Arch and stops at Arc de Triomphe.

So far only 21 people have ever completed this challenge and the current record holder is John Van Wisse with an overall time of 61hrs 21mins. The previous record holder was above the 73hr mark.

Why I’m doing it: As many of you know who supported my successful Ironman attempt last year, my Dad is a four time survivor of Cancer, and is in his 21st year of his cancer history. Just last month we were lucky enough to celebrate his 60th birthday. Out of all the possible scenarios this was an unlikely outcome, only possible due to pioneering treatment, support and a whole heap of luck.

Now there’s not much I can do to influence Lady Luck but there is something I can do to help support the many families, especially those that are not so fortunate, affected by this atrocious disease. That’s why I’m supporting Macmillan.

What you can do: I can’t do this on my own and all of you can help! Asides from donating on my fundraising page, you can share this blog and posts, spread the word across Twitter & Facebook and send all messages of support. It really means a huge amount and really helps me get out of bed each morning and get active!



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